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Young Musicians

Five ways that playing an instrument improves reading skills

By 6th December 2016 No Comments
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Playing a musical instrument provides plenty of benefits, no matter how old you are, but one particular skill that it can help children with is their ability to read.

Children from as young as 4 can start to learn to play a musical instrument, with many created especially for smaller hands, which ties in perfectly with when they start school.

So, by giving them the opportunity to learn to play an instrument, you are also helping them with their overall schooling, especially their reading lessons.

Here are five reasons why learning how to play a musical instrument helps children with their reading skills:

  1. From seeing a note on a piece of paper, to recognising it, and then translating it into what it is asking them to do, children are constantly strengthening the skills needed to read text when playing using sheet music
  2. Research has shown that children who partake in music lessons show a steady improvement in their reading ability, whereas those who don’t sing or play an instrument can see a decline in their reading skills around the age of 9 or 10
  3. When children learn to play a musical instrument, their brains become fine-tuned to processing patterns in visual and auditory signals that it receives, and this helps them to become better readers as they find it easier to make sense of letters and words on a page
  4. Learning to play a musical instrument has been found to increase verbal memory, which is essential for reading with comprehension, and retaining information
  5. Listening is extremely important when learning to read, and playing a musical instrument is perfect for working on this essential skill

With these great points linking playing a musical instrument to improved reading skills, it shows that this is a fantastic hobby for children to have.

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