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Things to Take to a Folk Festival Campsite

By 22nd June 2017 No Comments

Now that summer has made an appearance, it is time to start thinking about which events you will be attending, and how to prepare for them.

Our love for tin whistles means that we are immediately drawn to folk festivals, and particularly enjoy the ones which last more than one day!

To help you to get organised for your music fuelled weekend, we have put together a list of things to take to a folk festival campsite which we hope will help.

A place to sleep

When you are going to be sleeping outside for a number of nights, it is important that you have everything required to make it comfortable, so you have plenty of energy for dancing the days away!

A good quality tent is vital, as you need it to protect you during rain or shine, and need to know that it will be easy to put up and take down to save time.

You should also ensure that the tent you choose is definitely big enough to comfortably fit all of the people and equipment that it needs to. There’s nothing worse than trying to sleep in a cramped space with the day’s clothes in your face.

You’ll also need a sleeping bag which will keep you warm, as even during the summer it can feel cold as the sun goes down. You could also choose to take a sleeping pad with you to offer extra protection from the hard floor.

folk festival campsite bagsSuitable clothing

It is very rare that we are able to trust the weather forecast, so it is always best to be prepared for whatever happens when you choose which clothes to pack for your folk festival weekend.

Layers are a good idea as they make it easy to dress for the weather, no matter what the temperature is, plus it’ll mean you have extra items to put on if the nights get cold.

Waterproof clothing is also a must, because having to wear, and store, damp clothes is sure to make your weekend a bit miserable, no matter how much fun you’re having! A light raincoat and wellies should do the trick.

A sarong can be used as a cover to protect yourself from the sun, a scarf to drape around you in the chillier evenings, or as a blanket when you need to sit down, so it is worthwhile popping one of these into your backpack too.

Folk festival campsite bootsKeeping clean

A few days without a shower is enough to make anyone a bit concerned about their personal hygiene, but there are some things that you can take along to a folk festival with you which will help you to stay clean.

Wet wipes are ideal for removing mud, make-up and general muckiness at the end of the day, hand sanitiser is useful for freshening up before eating, and dry shampoo will be your saviour if you want to keep your hair looking, and smelling, lovely.

You should also take sun cream and insect repellent with you, not to keep clean, but to keep protected from sunburn and bites!

What not to take

We would suggest that you leave all valuables at home when you go to a folk festival for the weekend, as it is very easy to lose or damage items when you are out and about all day, and there is always the risk of theft in crowds too.

If you have an old mobile phone that you can take with you, that would be safer than packing your new handset, as you won’t mind as much if it gets covered in mud, or goes missing.

It is also advisable to refrain from packing your favourite clothes, as after a few days of sitting on the ground, sleeping outdoors, and possibly getting rained on, they may not be looking as great once the festival is over.

We hope that these tips help you to prepare and pack for whichever folk festival you are visiting this summer, and wish you all a happy festival season!