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Can Music Be Used as Medicine? What Science Says

By 8th April 2020 No Comments

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Curtis Dean writes on behalf of Sage Music School where they base lessons on the science and research of the psychology of learning. Their effective teaching methods create confident and capable students who enjoy the happiness of making music.


Music is therapeutic. By nature, it can help promote healing in various terms and conditions. There are now a lot of studies that conclude this notion. And based on general reception, music is deemed as a form of medicine that can treat, and even heal, many physical and mental conditions.

The Wonders of Music

Generally, music started as a form of entertainment. While it is still utilized as one, the newly discovered benefits of music allowed many experts and individuals to take advantage of its other purposes and impacts.

According to science, music has links to almost every part of the human body. And with these links, it is seen that music offers various kinds of properties to its relating variables.

Relationship of Music With The Human Body

When one creates or listens to music, there are a lot of things that can happen within that person’s mind and body. As it happens, music has a very special relationship with almost every part of the human persona.

  • Brain

Based on studies, music offers many benefits to the human brain. It is found that just by listening to music, cognitive functions can be enhanced and improved. This is why many parents would normally send their kids music lessons as young as possible, to further develop the brain during youthful years.

  • Stress

Stress is one of the things that music attacks once it enters the body, in theory. As suggested, music decreases the production of cortisol hormones, which are the responsible ones for the existence of stress.

When these hormones are decreased and managed, stress can be relieved and even be eliminated.

  • Mood

In relation to stress, one’s mood can be also altered with the use of music. Whether by listening to music or playing musical instruments, music is a tool that can improve a person’s moods and feelings. This is why many would resort to music when they feel sad or tired.

  • Heart Rate

When you listen to music or play musical instruments, studies found out that the heart rate is at its neutral state. It slows the rate down to its normal beating and even manages to achieve the most optimum level.

Accordingly, this is mainly the reason why people feel relaxed and calm upon exposure to music.

Healing Properties of Music

Here are some of the reasons why music is deemed as a tool in medicine. These are also the basis why music is described as therapeutic.

  • Treats and Manages Pain

One of the best healing properties of music is its power to treat and manage pain. People who have suffered injuries and painful conditions are normally advised to undergo music therapies all because music calms and relaxes the pain nerves.

  • Relieves Stress and Tension

As mentioned, music can dramatically decrease the production of stress hormones in the human body. But, aside from this aspect, music can relieve stress and tension because it also increases the production of the body’s happy hormones: endorphins and dopamine.

  • Decreases Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety

Symptoms of depression and anxiety are very challenging to manage and treat. But, with the help of music, studies and trials concluded that music can help decrease the risks and even the symptoms of these conditions.

In addition, people who are suffering from anxiety and depression are normally tasked to attend guitar lessons or piano lessons as understanding music itself can help.

  • Boosts Energy

Listening to music is noted as a great way to boost energy levels. This is basically the reason why active people and individuals who work out regularly always have music by their side before, during, and after every session of their respective activities.

  • Helps People With Dementia

Another significant benefit of music is that it can help people who are living with dementia, along with its other forms. Based on several studies and research, music is a great way to manage and even treat various brain-related diseases.

Healing Through Music

The healing properties and benefits of music have been quite evident since the early eras. While pieces of scientific evidence and proof have only become apparent these days, the amazing results and impacts on many individuals since then have become the living testimony as to how music can be used as a medicine.

Some research and studies may have remained inconclusive in recent times. Even so, for people who have already experienced the healing benefits of music, their experiences are already enough testaments to believe that music can heal almost anything today.

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