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Clarke Artist – Faliq Auri

By 15th November 2016 No Comments
Faliq Auri Original tinwhistle

Faliq Auri is a Malaysian born musician based in Kuala Lumpur, and the latest addition to our ever-growing Clarke family.

This multi-wind instrumentalist plays uilleann pipes, high and low whistles, the flute, and occasionally the saxophone too. Faliq sees himself as a World Fusion musician due to his versatile skills and his passion for a whole variety of music genres, including: Celtic, Jazz, Malay and many more.

Faliq Auri tin whistle

Faliq has performed in both local and international shows, such as the 2012 Rainforest World Music Festival, Sacheon International Percussion Festival, which was also in 2012, and the Chicago World Music Festival in 2014 in which he toured the United States of America as part of the Caravanserai’s program organised by Arts Midwest.

He also was invited by University of Malaya to promote traditional Malay music in Santiago, Chile, and Lima, Peru. One of the greatest highlights of Faliq’s career was performing at the world renowned South by Southwest festival in 2016, in Austin, Texas, alongside Altimet & The Kawan Band.

Faliq Auri whistle

Following this he toured alone to Dublin and Belfast, and shortly after his trip, he he formed the ‘Faliq Auri Trio’, a Malaysian Celtic Fusion trio which combines Celtic and World Music elements. He collaborates with one of his bandmates from ‘Diplomats of Drum‘, AKZ, and Suriya Prakash. This trio creates an unique sound with uilleann pipes, whistles, percussion and guitar to showcase harmonious Celtic influenced music.

Faliq is a big fan of Clarke tin whistles, and has been playing our MEG whistle for many years, alongside both the Clarke original C and D whistles, and our fabulous Sweetone whistle. He has established a tin whistle community in Malaysia called #tiupwhistle, (‘tiup’ = blowing in English), in order to promote the tin whistle and its music across Malaysia & Indonesia.

We are thrilled to welcome Faliq into the Clarke family, and for more information about Faliq, and his music, you can visit his website.

Faliq Auri Clarke whistles