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Fun & Educational Easter Holiday Activities

By 4th April 2017 No Comments

It can be difficult to think of Easter holiday activities to entertain the children, and two weeks can suddenly feel like a long time to fill, even if part of it is fuelled by chocolate eggs!

Activities which are educational as well as fun are ideal, as you can ensure that their brains are being kept active despite being away from school, and there are plenty which are both cheap and simple to take part in.


Reading books is the number one educational activity, whether you leave the children to read by themselves, or read to them, they will be learning the whole time.

To encourage reading, let them choose which books they’d like to read, and perhaps set up a den or cosy reading nook to make it feel a bit different to how they’d normally read for homework.

Taking books with you when you leave the house is another way to get children reading over the Easter holidays, as it will give them something to do during journeys in the car or on public transport.

Nature walks

Taking walks is a fantastic way to teach children about nature, and hopefully the weather leading up to Easter will allow you to do this. If not, it might be time to get the wellies out!

Try playing nature bingo when you go out by making a list of flowers, insects, or animals that you might spot while out and about, and ticking these off as you go along.

You could also do a scavenger hunt where the children have a list of things they need to collect on the walk, like pebbles or feathers.

Learning an instrument

Learning a musical instrument has been found to help children with the numeracy and literacy skills, and they are sure to have great fun playing one.

Plus, it can also be a social activity with other children, which means that they will be entertained for hours while they learn new songs together.

The tin whistle is a cheap and cheerful option, and our Original Tin Whistle Teaching Set includes all they will need to get started for just £29.94.

We hope that you all have a lovely break with your children, and that you find some fun and educational Easter holiday activities that you can enjoy.