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Superior Craftsmanship

Proudly manufactured & produced in England since 1843.

The Original Tin Whistle

Sweetone Tin Whistle

Metal Kazoos

A Timeless Sound

Start your journey as a Clarke musician

The Clarke Tinwhistle has been the first step for many musicians into the magical world of music for almost 175 years, and is made in England in the same way today as it was over 170 years ago.

Simple materials, superior craftsmanship, and a secret process, create the distinctive ‘sweet’ tone that sets the Clarke Tinwhistle apart from others to make it the choice of beginners and professional musicians alike.

Brand New Official Clarke Merchandise

Our trademark collection for Clarke Tinwhistle lovers

ROKi logo


Exclusive Distributor for ROKi® products

Clarke is proud to be the new exclusive distributor for ROKi® products in the Music Industry.

ROKi® is a powerful portable speaker which uses Bluetooth Technology to transmit your music from your phone or device to the speaker without any connection. The speaker can be linked with any Bluetooth enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets and computers.

Each ROKi® has around 2 hours playing time and a Bluetooth range of 10m (33 feet)

Available Colours:

Black, Pink, Blue, Union Jack, Green, Silver