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An introduction to Clarke instruments

By 24th February 2017 No Comments
Clarke Instruments

Despite being best known for our Original Tinwhistle, there are a number of Clarke instruments that we are very proud of.

Whether you are a professional musician, or just starting out on your musical journey, we are sure that we have an instrument that you will enjoy playing.

Tin whistles

As the tin whistle company that started it all, we are very proud of the fact that the tin whistles we make today are created in fundamentally the same way that Robert Clarke first made them in 1843.

Our Original Tinwhistle is the most famous of the Clarke instruments and produces a clear and flute-like tone which is unique to our whistles and referred to as “chiff”.

Black in colour with a gold pattern, our Original Tinwhistle looks just as impressive as it sounds.

Our Sweetone tin whistle was initially created for children, as a plastic mouthpiece was thought to be more suitable for them than one with a wooden fipple, but it is loved by beginners and professionals alike.

We make the Sweetone in 6 great colours: blue, red, black, silver, gold, and green, and in the keys of C and D. This ensures that there is a Sweetone whistle available for everyone.


The Clarke blues harmonica is a really stunning instrument for a fantastic price.

Featuring 10 holes, brass and silver alloy reeds on 0.1mm brass plates, and an 8mm premium ABS comb, the harmonica is complete with 0.4mm stainless steel covers with an electro plated gold finish.

The Clarke name is beautifully engraved onto the harmonica which finishes the design off perfectly.

Retailing at just £14.99, the harmonica comes in a sturdy storage tube with an information sheet and a handy cleaning cloth.


When people think of kazoos they may think that they are more of a novelty than an instrument, but our Pro XL Kazoo is made completely from metal and makes a truly great sound.

With no plastic pieces, and with a natural skin membrane, our kazoos are high quality instruments which are used by professionals, such as The Late Saints musician Jacopo De Nicola.

We make our kazoos in a choice of gold or silver and come in a robust storage tube with an information sheet.

If you have questions about any of our instruments we would love to hear from you, so please do feel free to contact us Tel: +44 (0) 1892 837 433 E-mail: [email protected].