A BuZZy Seaside Holiday



Join the BuZZy Friends as they take a holiday to sunny Spain in this fun and engaging children’s book from the first series of BuZZy Friends books by Michael Walter.


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‘A BuZZy Seaside Holiday’ is a colourful and engaging book from the first BuZZy Friends series, and the friends are planning their first seaside holiday to Spain.

Join Harty the hedgehog, Officer Buzzle the bee, Treacle the kitten and Garlanda the goose as they prepare for their exciting holiday abroad.

In ‘A BuZZy Seaside Holiday’, the BuZZy Friends have a fun shopping trip where they buy the things they will need – like swim suits and sunglasses, and toys for the beach. They travel by plane, ride a jet-ski, dance at the hotel disco, and enjoy delicious Spanish food.

This book is part of the first series of BuZZy Friends stories written by Michael Walter. Other books in the collection include ‘Harty the Hedgehog and his BuZZy Friends‘, ‘A BuZZy White Christmas‘, ‘A Buzzy Birthday Party‘, and ‘The BuZZy Band in Fairyland‘ which teaches children how to play the tin whistle.

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