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‘The BuZZy Band in Fairyland’ book is a magical introduction to the world of music. It comes with a traditional tin whistle, a set of colouring pens, and a fun tutorial book.



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Learn to play the Original Penny Whistle the Buzzy way.

Learning to play the Buzzy way is great fun, with an easy-to-use colourfully illustrated book, a specially printed Clarke Tinwhistle and 5 colouring pens to create your own beautiful Fairyland pictures.

The BuZZy Friends Pack

Special introductory offer: purchase all four of the BuZZy books first series and receive the fantastic new ‘BuZZy Band in Fairyland’ gift pack (worth £8.99), which includes a traditional tinwhistle made by the famous Clarke company – who have been making tinwhistles in Kent for 175 years.

The ‘BuZZy Band in Fairyland’ is a magical introduction to the world of music. Join the BuZZy Friends and learn how to play some simple tunes on the tinwhistle, while also taking some first steps into the world of musical notation.

BuZZy Band for young musicians

The BuZZy Friends Books

Click below to visit the official BuZZy Friends website where you can find out more about their adventures.

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