Clarke Mini Bodhran


The Clarke Mini Bodhran is created from a wooden frame and a synthetic skin, and is perfect for beginners and children.

  • 21cm (8 inch) diameter
  • Features our Whistling Billy trademark
  • Comes complete with a ‘tipper’
  • Perfectly complements the tin whistle


The bodhran, an Irish frame drum, has a history as long as the tin whistle and, indeed, the two instruments are often played alongside each other. After all these years, these instruments have been united under the famous Whistling Billy trademark for Clarke musicians.

The Clarke Mini Bodhran is 21cm (8 inches) in diameter with a circular wooden frame and a synthetic skin, and has an open back which gives the player access to a crossbar to be held while the drum is played using the beater, or ‘tipper’.

The new official Clarke Bodhran is ideal for duets with our tin whistles and a proud new addition to our collection of tin whistles, harmonicas, kazoos, and our new Portuguese-made ukuleles.

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Weight 0.258 kg