Penny Whistle Tutor & CD for Beginners



Learn to play highland flings and Irish jigs on the traditional tin whistle with the Penny Whistle for Beginners book and CD set, for tin whistles in the key of D.

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With the Penny Whistle for Beginners book and CD set, anyone can learn to play Irish jigs and highland flings on the tin whistle in the key of D. Follow the simple instructions in the tutorial book and listen carefully to the CD, and you’ll be playing like a professional tin whistler in no time.

A specially selected collection of folk tunes have been included in the set, which will guide you through all the basics of penny whistling one step at a time, allowing you to learn at your own pace and play some great songs, and have lots of fun along the way.

We have found that playing a musical instrument has many benefits for everyone from children to the over 50s, which is why our products are recommended for anyone from the ages of 8 to 80! Whether your child wants to take their first steps into the world of music, or if you’re looking to fine tune your own memory or cognitive skills, learning to play the tin whistle is the perfect option.

If you’re looking for something a bit more advanced, we offer a book and CD tutorial set, written by Bill Ochs, for those with a little more tin whistle experience too.

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