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The Pink Tin Whistle is the latest addition to the Clarke Tinwhistle Sweetone range, and boasts our classic conical bore and a black, plastic mouthpiece, making it the perfect choice for children, beginners, and professionals.




Coloured a charming pastel pink colour, the Pink Tin Whistle is sure to stand out among your other whistles, and is also a great choice for your first whistle purchase, as it has plenty of character.

Available in the key of D, the Pink Tin Whistle comes in a soft, black fabric pouch, to keep your whistle safe and sound, complete with a gold motif which features our very own ‘Whistling Billy’. Each whistle also includes a fingering chart and song sheet so you can start playing straightaway!

The first tin whistles to feature a plastic mouthpiece, our Sweetone whistles are known for their clear, crisp sound, and produce a good volume, plus they require very little air to create their much-loved tone, which is why they are such a great choice for beginners.

First created in 1996, our fabulous Sweetone whistles were originally intended for children, but their lovely sound soon made them popular with adults too, including tin whistle professionals!

Plus, they are handmade in England which makes them a truly British product.

This whistle would also make a great gift for folk music fans with a love of the colour pink, and would be a great excuse for them to learn how to play this fabulous instrument.

And, as this is our first ever pink tin whistle, it is one that deserves to be snapped up by any Clarke collector to add a touch of pastel to your collection, we find that it looks particularly lovely alongside our gold and silver whistles!

We also offer our Sweetone whistles in a choice of red, blue, green, black, gold and silver, so you are sure to find one to suit your tastes. Or, collect all seven so that you have a different colour for every day of the week!

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