The Celtic Tinwhistle & Pouch


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One cannot hear a slow air played with depth of feeling on a Tinwhistle by a true Celt without being drawn into, and sharing, the emotions expressed by the player.

Each of the Celtic nations has it’s own instrumental tradition and each claim their right to specific instruments. The Scots will assert that the bagpipes are their national property; the Welsh the harp. The Irish claim the Uillean pipes as their own. One instrument played by all, and adopted by all is the Tinwhistle.

Included in the box is:

  • Celtic Tinwhistle is supplied in the key of D
  • Tune sheet with traditional songs
  • Pouch to protect your whistle
  • Made in England


A legacy created

An authentic sound

When Robert Clarke invented the Tinwhistle in 1843, little did he know that it would become the perfect wind instrument to be played universally in all the Celtic lands. It can be heard in concert halls, broadcasts, churches and above all, especially in Ireland, in the pubs.

It is easy to learn to play; inexpensive; and can be conveniently carried so as to be available for performances on all occasions.

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