The Clarke Tinwhistle Cleaning Brush


This custom made tin whistle cleaning brush helps to keep your whistle clean and free from any build up of unwanted mould or debris that can cause decay and affect the sound.

  • Tapered nylon bristles
  • Plastic coated metal handle
  • For use with Clarke C or D whistles
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Our Tin Whistle Cleaning Brush features tapered nylon bristles to match the bore of the tin whistle, and the top end of the brush has a smooth plastic tip.

The cleaning brush handle is plastic coated for a comfortable grip, and the bottom has a large metal loop for hanging.

This is not a swab for removing moisture, but can be used with soap and water for an occasional deep clean to keep your tin whistle well-maintained and healthy.

Always ensure that you do not soak your tin whistle, and make sure to prop the whistle up to drain, which will allow it to dry completely, before putting it away.

And, as an added bonus if you drink tea, this tin whistle cleaning brush also makes an excellent teapot spout cleaner!

This cleaning brush can be used to clean both C and D tin whistles, and will help you to keep them free from unwanted mould or debris which can build up and ruin the sound quality.

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