The Sweetone Tinwhistle & Cloth Pouch

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After 150 years of continued production of the famous Original Tinwhistle, in 1996 the company produced a brand new type of Tinwhistle, the sweetone.

A fingering chart and song sheet is included with each whistle.

The Sweetone custom made pouch is individually stitched and crafted from a soft black fabric, with an attractive metallic gold motif, available to fit either keys ‘C’ or ‘D’, it keeps your Tinwhistle safe and sound!

The Sweetone Tinwhistle is available in the keys of C and D, and in a choice of six colours.

Made in England


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Perfectly Crafted

The first of its kind

A new approach to an all time classic

Our Sweetone Tinwhistle is the first conical bore tin whistle to be made with a plastic mouthpiece, handmade in the U.K. using quality raw materials; the mouthpiece is moulded using ABS PC blend.

This combined with modern technology and our traditional workmanship gives it a clear and accurate tone, an ideal tin whistle for both beginners and professionals.

  • Precision Plastic Mouthpiece
  • Clear, Crisp, Clean Sound with Good Volume
  • Excellent Choice for Both Beginner or Advanced Musicians
  • Tapered Metal Body
  • Fingering Chart and Song Sheet Included
  • Available in six great colors
  • Available in the key of D or C
A Perfect Sound

The Sweetone Tinwhistle features Clarke’s precision plastic mouthpiece. It is easy to play and produces a clear, crisp, clean, sound with good volume. It also takes very little air to produce a beautiful tone.

Because of its excellent playability it is well suited for the serious musician and novice alike. The Sweetone Tinwhistle has a tapered bore. The tapered sides of the whistle have the effect of bringing the finger holes closer together and increasing the range and accuracy of the higher notes.

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C, D


Black, Silver, Green, Gold, Red, Blue

1 review for The Sweetone Tinwhistle & Cloth Pouch

  1. David Fass

    D whistle is fine. C whistle has very weak lower register. So surprising to me! Almost impossible to obtain any volume on the low C without pushing it into upper register. I don’t understand it. I have a cylindrical C whistle (by another maker) that is much, much stronger in lower register. So I don’t know if it’s the conical design of this one or some other factor that messes up the lower register on the C, but it is certainly disappointing.

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