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“The best whistle tutorial on the planet,” writes Dale Wisely of the Chiff and Fipple website. The age-old sounds of Ireland, England, Scotland and early America come to life with this remarkable book and CD for tin whistlers of all levels.


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With the Tin Whistle Tutor Book with CD for the Advanced, there is no previous musical training necessary.

Originally produced for the Clarke tin whistle, the book and CD are compatible with all tin whistles and penny whistles in the key of D. The set is available in various configurations with or without a tin whistle, and is suitable for ages 8 to adult.

The lessons are so clear and easy to follow that a complete beginner can learn to play a simple tune at first sitting. Then, through a specially selected series of folk tunes, beginners are carefully guided through the basics of playing the tin whistle one step at a time.

Intermediate and advanced players will enjoy exploring the book’s exciting collection of traditional music. There are 83 pieces in all — jigs, reels, hornpipes, fife tunes, slow airs, highland flings, morris dances and lots more.

Each piece is played on the CD by renowned New York tin whistle teacher, Bill Ochs.

An advanced ornamentation tutorial is also included.

If you’d prefer a tin whistle tutorial set designed for beginners, we also sell the popular Penny Whistle for Beginners book and CD.

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