Official Clarke Tutor Book with Double CD


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The NEW Official Clarke Tutor Book and Double CD includes a 160 Page Tutor Book and 2 CD’s, this will be ready for shipment from the begining of april 2019.

The Tutor Book and CDs are compatible with all tin whistles and penny whistles in the key of D. The set is suitable for Beginners and Advanced.

The lessons are clear and easy to follow so that a complete beginner can quickly learn to play a simple tune. Then, through a specially selected series of folk tunes, beginners are carefully guided through the basics of playing the tin whistle one step at a time and for the more advanced players their are lessons on ‘Ornamenting’.

Intermediate and advanced players will enjoy exploring the book’s exciting collection of traditional music. There are 50 pieces in all.

This tutor book is written by renowned Irish tin whistle teacher, Ian Bascombe. He also plays the tin whistle on the CDs.

There is also a Brief Guide to reading music and the story behind the tinwhistle.

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