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Young Musicians

Why the tin whistle is a great first instrument for children

By 13th February 2017 No Comments
Instrument for children

Children may set their hearts on a particular instrument, perhaps one that they have seen on TV, but in order to ensure that they stay motivated to learn it, it is important that the instrument is suitable for their age. If they start with an instrument that is too advanced for them, they will lose interest very quickly.

The tin whistle is a great first instrument for children as it is simple to learn and helps to develop skills that can be used to learn a variety of different instruments. This gives children a fantastic starting point in reaching the instrument that they would most like to play.

The tin whistle is hardwearing and easy to play, which makes it ideal for children as it can keep their attention and withstand being played with, whereas other instruments can be a bit fragile for untrained hands!

The wooden fipple in our traditional tin whistles is not necessarily suitable for children, partly because it doesn’t react well to being played after eating sweets, so we created the Sweetone which has a mouthpiece made entirely from plastic.

The Sweetone boasts our unique conical bore and is available in 6 colours and two keys, providing lots of choice for those who would like to learn how to play it. It produces a more delicate sound than our traditional whistles, and is loved by beginners and professionals alike!

For younger children, we have created the BuZZy Band in Fairyland set with the help of local children’s author Michael Walter. The whistle included in this set is smaller than the Sweetone, making it an ideal instrument for children, and displays the notes on the whistle itself to help with the learning process.

A tutorial book and colouring pens complete the set, and teach children how to play the tin whistle with the help of the BuZZy Friends as they journey through Fairyland. And, at £8.99, it really is a cheap and cheerful way to encourage children to learn about music notation.

The tin whistle has been played and enjoyed around the world for many years, and we love the idea that a new generation of young musicians are starting their journey with this wonderfully traditional instrument too.